Notes from 9/21/18

Epistemology: the study of how we know what we know
• College is about arguments, not facts
• Argument: a claim, and support
• Argument without support is not a good argument
• Must listen to other argument, summarize other POV, express why you agree or disagree
What is knowledge: facts with interpretation
• Knowledge is a collection of arguments of scholars in a field of study
• Natural selection: good arguments rise to top, become main school of thought
How are arguments evaluated:
• What you believe vs. What experts believe
• Longer you study a topic, more likely your views will fall in line with that of the experts
What is an authority?
• When you are new to a subject, you tend to look to experts (authorities) to find basis for your own thought
• Appeal to authority because showing you know what experts think strengthens your opinion/view
Dualistic Thinking:
• Presumes nearly every questions has a unique, correct answer-no other answer
• Most college students think this way
• Answer is right or wrong, no middle ground
Where does expertise come from: two schools of thought
• Rationalism: logic and thinking
• Experience and empirical evidence- Empiricism
Plato’s Cave:

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