Causes of Inequality

The Causes of Economic Inequality

This is an article I read about the causes of economic inequality, this is a first of a series the institute is doing. The overarching cause that they state is income inequality. Income equality covers a variety of sub-categories including factors that affect your income such as education, gender, growth in technology, and a changing labor market. The other aspect they talked about was the fact that inequality is a “vicious cycle”, where people who have accumulated wealth are the ones who have the resources to invest in or leverage new wealth which makes them able to create new wealth. The cliche they mention is “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”. This was a brief summary for a brief article, but the main idea is that there really is no one set cause to economic inequality, there are many factors that affect the cycle of inequality, but we can agree that it is a problem caused by a growing income gap.

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