A New Perspective

I haven’t done a blog post in a while as we have been learning about the economic perspective of both conservatives and liberals and I wanted to wait until we were completely finished and I could formulate something to say about what I have learned overall. I grew up in a pretty democratic area with little patches of extreme conservatism. In school the day Donald Trump was elected the hallways were silent, and for a school of around 1600 kids, that’s extremely unusual. In fact the sole sound of yelling I heard was a group of kids yelling at a kid to take of his MAGA hat as he strutted around the hallway high-fiving the other 25 or so daring souls who wore Trump apparel that day. Needless to say, for the most part, the conservative perspective is not often talked about where I am from. In economics class, we didn’t even look at either side, we simply went over basic theories such as the Keynesian Model and every supply and demand graph you could imagine. As we learned about the conservative response to economic inequality, I realized I knew very little about their actual goals and what most people think should be done, most of what I knew was what a lot of extreme conservatives thought, that essentially, economic inequality doesn’t exist or they just flat out ignore it. I was intrigued by the fact that in reality, the basic ideas of most conservatives and liberals is actually relatively similar. But one of the key differences is, that the conservatives want to raise the bottom, while the liberals would be inclined to bring down the top in order to shorten the ever-growing gap between the upper and lower class. So although yes, some conservatives believe economic inequality is nonexistent, most really just want to improve the lives of those struggling at the bottom. This in particular made me think; I had never honestly thought that conservatives had any desire to help the poor, I had only thought they wanted to have the rich stay rich. However, in theory their real aim is to allow those who have earned money to keep it and to have the people lower able to earn more to support themselves. While I still take issue with the fact that many conservative actions are supported by ideals and theory that don’t actually fit with what is happening in America right now, and the seeming lack of compassion towards those who cannot support themselves when others live in complete luxury and excess, the discussions certainly gave me food for thought and re-enforced that in the end, both sides do want to lower economic inequality (for the most part).

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